Unteachable - Leah Raeder 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the writing of this book and I enjoyed the h, but I never felt a true connection with Evan, the H. I like falling in love with the H as I read a book and I never fell in love with him. I always felt unsure of what was going on with him, in this book he is the one with the secret, and I had a big issue with his secret once it was revealed. I felt it tainted him and it tainted their relationship.

But I was entertained throughout my read and, as I stated, I liked the h and her narrative. I also liked the secondary characters and the different layers that the book had that were unexpected, even if some felt stretched. I was impressed that when the author wrote this book she was willing to allow characters to push the limits on their behavior. Many of the characters in this book were flawed, and they did inappropriate, "bad", things including the H and h. I liked that flaws were exposed and "bad behavior" wasn't just hinted at, desired or skimmed, these characters indulged.