Tentação - Adolfo Caminha 4.5 stars. What a fucking gem this turned out to be. Humor, hot sex, believable insta-love, great characters and an Alpha Male hell bent on keeping his woman. I completely believed the connection between the H and h. I believed that he knew that she was his from the start, so I understood his aggressive and determined stance that she accept him and the love and commitment that he was offering to her. And, yep, I believed that the h completely caved over such an aggressive male that so clearly adored her and was devoted to her care and well being.

I thought the relationship between the H and h was great. I loved that even though she was overwhelmed that she still was strong, fearless, and determined that she would not be trampled into oblivion by her possessive male. The times when she gave into him didn't come across as weakness because it was clear that she understood that she was a priority for him and that his remorse was present when called for.

I also loved the H's team/pack. Their camaraderie and their skill sets and their willingness to be their for one another. They were awesome and I want more more more more.