Making a Little Wrong into Something Right - L.L. Bucknor I like going into books blind so I had to put this book aside for awhile because I had an inordinate amount of information about the story at the time of its release.

I wouldn't call this a "love triangle" per se because Gabriel really has no interest in Javier, the person that he has just begun dating. But he doesn't want to give Javier up either. He should like Javier. He should like Javier a lot. Javier is attractive, kind, established and, most importantly, he is extremely interested in Gabe. Gabe, who has self esteem issues and hasn't been with anyone for years, knows that he should be salivating over Javier but instead he finds himself attracted to someone else.

I liked that Javier wasn't demonized in this book and that there was no easy fix for the damage that was caused/created. I hate when a MC cheats and instead of the author making the MC own up to their behavior they make the person they cheated on an asshole so that the behavior is somehow excusable. 3.5 stars