I love reading books, of course, and I am always searching for authors with the ability to write really good dialogue and character interactions.
Entwined with You - Sylvia Day I continue to love this series. Gideon is so effing hot and Eva remains one of my favorite h's.
Pup (Guards of Folsom, #1) - S.J.D. Peterson I generally liked the characters but there was such a clinical feel to the book, as Tackett worked with Micah on his issues, that they seemed to lack romance. And I was disconnected from Micah. Even though I don't like pain, I can usually connect enough with a submissive character that I can understand their need for pain and why/how they get off on it. Not so in this case.
Making a Little Wrong into Something Right - L.L. Bucknor I like going into books blind so I had to put this book aside for awhile because I had an inordinate amount of information about the story at the time of its release.

I wouldn't call this a "love triangle" per se because Gabriel really has no interest in Javier, the person that he has just begun dating. But he doesn't want to give Javier up either. He should like Javier. He should like Javier a lot. Javier is attractive, kind, established and, most importantly, he is extremely interested in Gabe. Gabe, who has self esteem issues and hasn't been with anyone for years, knows that he should be salivating over Javier but instead he finds himself attracted to someone else.

I liked that Javier wasn't demonized in this book and that there was no easy fix for the damage that was caused/created. I hate when a MC cheats and instead of the author making the MC own up to their behavior they make the person they cheated on an asshole so that the behavior is somehow excusable. 3.5 stars

A Little Too Far

A Little Too Far  - Lisa Desrochers Great book. So much more than I expected going in. I thought the h was high strung but perfectly positioned on the side of endearing and not annoying. I had no idea where the book was going, in a good way, and I loved her love interest(s). Very different from the tired NA books that are so prevalent nowadays. Great dialogue and character interactions and I was able to feel and immerse my self in what was happening in the book. I was completely engaged from the start.
The Other C-Word - M.K. Schiller The beginning of this book was torture to get through. I didn't enjoy the author's attempt at humor and I felt no connection to the H or h. I didn't like the author's writing style and because the book was written in the h's 1st person narrative I didn't like the h's "voice" either. It annoyed me that something would take place and then the h would explain see he gets me or that's how we act in our family. It was unnecessary because the events, dialogue, interactions showed that and I didn't want those little tag alongs as if the reader needed further explanations.

The book picked up at about 55% or 56% for me. I liked the H and his possessiveness and how much he cared for the h and wanted a relationship with her. I liked that he was completely enamored with her and was frustrated when she seemed to be keeping some distance between them. I liked that he fought that distance and fought to be more in the h's life. I also liked the increased interactions with the h's family. Their humor worked a lot better than the earlier stuff written, which grated on my nerves.

I liked the events towards the end of the book and it would have been sweet if the author had spent some time having us live in those moments instead of just telling us all that happened. At that point the story was definitely told and not shown. And as I stated, I still liked what was happening I just would have enjoyed it so much more if I had been immersed in everything that was happening because I felt much more invested in them as a couple.

Secondary couples, Adam and Stevie, should have had their own book first because this book would have been an awesome way to "showcase" couple number 2 in a series while still giving couple number 1 a great continuation. It would have been perfect because their love and humor (Adam and Stevie) was excellent. Adam and Stevie had depth and character and the reader had an excellent sense of who they were and where they were going.
Slave - Kol Anderson Short read with some complex characters that I wish were developed more. The characters were flawed and had tons of baggage. I didn't feel the connection between Jesse and Matt and I actually thought Matt came across as a self interested asshole.
Whispers in the Dark - K.I. Lynn Short read. Not especially good or especially bad. There wasn't enough there to really connect to the H and h as a couple, or soon to be couple. I did like the h's personality when she interacted with the brother. I would have loved to see more of that or find a h with that amount of freedom and confidence in a longer novel.
From Out in the Cold - L.A. Witt I thought this book was good but I didn't feel a complete connection with the characters. I saw this book being about two damaged men that have loved each other for years but lost each other as well because they weren't ready to take on all that their love encompassed. The book tackled some relevant issues about war, tragedy and therapy and there was some resolution about acceptance.
Brute - Kim Fielding I loved Brute. He was strong and good and vulnerable. His story was an inspirational one and there was nothing that I wanted more than for him to find love and acceptance and I was completely invested in him doing so. I love how he comes to the attention of the prince and finds himself at the Palace and I loved his life there. The only thing "missing" was some detailed sex but the story is excellent without it.
The Divorce Party - Jennifer  Hayward Good premise but there wasn't enough angst or conflict for me. The characters were likable and the H was hot, dominant and vulnerable but it wasn't enough. The book was more about the couples reconciliation.
The End of Me - Tara Brown This was a good read, but not a great read for me. I thought it could have been better. It really picked up for me at about the 50% mark. I think my biggest issue was that I didn't understand the connection or attraction towards the h until much later. I liked the suspense that picked up towards the middle/end and I loved the antics that the h had to perform in order to survive. There was humor throughout the book and I really liked the interactions between the characters. I also liked the unconventional sex and that there were some issues with the morality of characters. 3.5 stars
No One's Angel - Kelly  Walker This started off okay. I had high hopes because the premise was different and had great potential but I wanted more. I was entertained enough while reading and I liked that the H was completely into the h but I was primarily reading to see how it all ended and not because I was really into the book.
Reckless - Skye Jordan I really enjoyed this. Both the H and the h had insecurities and reasons to doubt people's desire to be with them. Those insecurities made sense and weren't overdone. The writing was really good. Great dialogue and great character interactions.

I LOVED Jax. LOVED! He's strong, hot and rough and I believed that he was awesome in bed. He's gorgeous but also jaded and insecure. He was a great balance between being needy and desperate and confident and self assured. Yum!
Conrad's First Girl - Varian Krylov Short read. Nothing extraordinary and not long enough to delve deep but the book effectively demonstrated Conrad's ability to control, degrade and pleasure.
Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning KMM doesn't disappoint. Naturally, there is a strong female lead who is smart and independent. There is also an uber alpha H who is incredibly arrogant, again, naturally. I loved the meeting between Dageus and Cian. Mmmm... So sexy. So hot.

One thing that KMM does incredibly well is depict all encompassing, soul mate, love. The love that she writes about is the love that every romantic swoons and sighs over. Another great couple and another great story.
When You're Ready (Ready, #1) - J.L. Berg I thought the book had a good premise and that the story itself was good but I was bored almost from the start. I didn't connect with the characters and although I liked what happened in the story I didn't care to read about it. The characters were likable but I felt like a disinterested observer throughout my read. I think the book was written passively so I never felt fully involved or engaged. And even though I "liked" the story I didn't care what happened to the H and h. It should have been better. All the ingredients and incidents were there to make this a better read but the writing never allowed me to connect. It was also frustrating the way that the writing switched between past and present tense.